Veronica. 24. Cat Mom. Beach Bum. Book Worm.

Life has always thrown me around, and mid-twenties just aren’t getting any easier…So what better outlet is there other than using your hands and mind alike to create something that is truly your own?! Anything from the kitchen to the fabric store, the possibilities are endless, literally.

Let me paint the picture for you of the day my world expanded to an amount I never thought possible….it was Christmas morning of 2015. In the corner of our living room sat the cutest, fattest, greenest Christmas tree you could ever imagine (with Tom Brady as our star on top, of course). Tucked away behind the tree sat a very large box with none other than my name on it. Me and my boyfriend had agreed to a low-key Christmas with no big purchases, but here sat this mega present. Patiently I waited to open it up last that morning, probably because I was embarrassed for not getting him something that came in a box bigger than my wingspan. With one rip of the wrapping paper I knew it was exactly what was missing in my life…. my first sewing machine, a Brother HC1850! Talk about the best gift (and boyfriend) ever!!!

Sewing all started with my love for Halloween, every year I made us at least two different couple costumes, each homemade & stitched…but from there it flourished. Fabric stores are now my kryptonite.

On a different note, the kitchen has always been my favorite room in any house. The scent of certain herbs and spices or heating up the cast iron and having the room full of the aromas from past dinners….theres nothing like it. Seeing people full and happy with their meal is the most joyful feeling for me, and I am so excited to get to share it all with you.