Need New Recipe Ideas?

Getting into a routine of dinners can be good, for both your budget and health…but do you ever think to yourself, “this is what’s for dinner…again…*deep sigh with an eyeroll*” I know that I am definitely guilty of this…grilled chicken with spinach and rice is just the simplest meal and I enjoy it every time, so why not? ….right? Wrong!

We all get into our comfort zones in any area of life but I truly believe cooking shouldn’t be one of those places! There are far too many flavors and combinations across the globe for us to settle into simple dinner routines. So after contemplating what to make for dinner I hopped on over to google and started random searches for any new dinner ideas… when I stumbled onto this website that made my mouth water and mind wander. Click here to check it out!


On Yummly you make a personalized account that filters recipes out around your own personal love for certain foods, spices, herbs, ect. When you find a recipe you think would be good but don’t have the ingredients on hand, you can simply “yum” it and attach it to a board in your account, making it easier for you to find it again once the time is right!

I swear by this website for new ideas, even if I don’t follow the recipe to the tee, they can still make for a good guideline while trying to master your own way of cooking. Seriously, go check out this site! I’m obsessed.

Also—-Their app is awesome and super simple to use too! heres the app

Happy Cooking!



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