Need a Summer Read? This is it!

If you haven’t heard about this book yet…GET UP, GO TO YOUR LOCAL BOOKSTORE AND BUY IT! Everyone I have lent it to, finished within the week and always handed it back to me with a “oh my god, I couldn’t put this down!” As soon as I finished it myself, it made me want to start a book club, just so I could share it and discuss it with more people.

51qI2RzRlzL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_From the first page Shari Lapena pulls you dramatically into the life of a husband and wife, whose world gets completely turned upside down when their daughter goes missing while they are at a dinner party next door.

This mystery, thriller has you pouring through the pages at a rate I haven’t found possible in a long time. One chapter will have you believing that you knew exactly what happen to poor baby Cora…then the next will have you feeling quite bamboozled and suspicious of other characters.

On a side note, but not giving anything away, the last page is one of the best endings I have experienced.

So, seriously!! This is the perfect beach, rainy day, at work secretly turning pages, book.

Also, on August 15, 2017 She is releasing a new book titled, “A Stranger in the House” and I CAN NOT WAIT! (my birthday is the 18th, if anyone feels inclined to get me a good birthday present hehe)


One thought on “Need a Summer Read? This is it!

  1. I read this book . Veronica handed it off to me . The end left me with a visual picture in my mind that I can not describe to you . I also enjoyed the read!

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